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Personal Checking

Free Checking Account
This account offers you unlimited check writing, no minimum balance and earns interest. Interest is paid on your daily collected balance.

Special Tiered Account
This account offers you unlimited check writing and pays a tiered interest based on the daily collected balance in the account. The higher the balance maintained in this account, the higher the rate of interest paid. The minimum balance requirement of this premium checking account is $2,500.00 to avoid the $10.00 monthly service charge. 

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Personal Savings

Personal Savings Account
No minimum balance is required. Interest is earned on the daily collected balance, compounded and paid quarterly.  The account is limited to six pre-authorized transactions per month but offers unlimited transactions in person.

Money Market Account
This account is a savings account with check writing privileges. You may have six pre-authorized transfers per each month. Interest is earned on the daily collected balance. A minimum balance of $1,000.00 is required to avoid a $5.00 monthly charge. 

Christmas Club Account
No minimum balance is required for this account. Interest is earned on the daily collected balance and paid annually. Checks are printed and mailed to you in mid-October. Christmas Club accounts are automatically renewable each year.

CD's & IRA's
CD's and IRAs are available with different terms and interest rates to meet every investor's goals. The insured deposits are a safe and convenient way to save for the future.

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Personal Loans

Consumer Loans are granted to qualified borrowers for various purposes, such as: Automobiles, ATV's, snowmobiles, recreational vehicles, boats, misc. retail purchases and for personal use. The terms of these loans are based on the age and type of collateral offered, with competitive interest rates. Call one of our Loan Officers for details.

Check Credit
Upon pre-approval, a line of credit can be attached to your checking account. Reduce the worry if you inadvertently overdraw your account or write yourself a loan just by writing a check. The amount of the line of credit will be determined by your credit capacity and may or may not be secured by collateral.

Loans Secured by Certificates of Deposit
We can offer flexible loan terms to borrowers who use their Upper Peninsula State Bank Certificate of Deposit as collateral. The interest rate will be only 2% over the rate on the Certificate of Deposit with a common maturity date.

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Other Personal Services

ATM/Debit Card
Need cash and the bank is closed - use one of our conveniently located ATM machines 24-hours a day, 7-days a week with no fee attached. Our Debit Card can be used like the ATM Card and also anywhere a VISA Card is accepted. For more information please contact any customer service representative.  Chip Card Information.

VISA® Account Updater
VISA's Account Updater is a service participating merchants can use to retrieve cardholder account changes, like new debit card numbers and expiration dates, to ensure as little disruption as possible for your card-on-file and automated payments.  Frequently Asked Questions about VISA Account Updater.

Virtual Payment Options
Enjoy all the benefits of our Debit Card using one of our virtual payment options listed below:

Night Deposit
Use our night deposit service for those times that the bank is closed and you need to make a deposit or loan payment.

Mobile Deposit
Use our mobile deposit capture feature within our Mobile App when you are on the go and can't make it to the bank.

Overdraft Protection
No one wants their account to be overdrawn. That is why at Upper Peninsula State Bank, we offer a little "peace of mind". Overdraft Protection can be set up to cover those temporary shortfalls in funding needs. Automatically transfer funds from your savings account or use a personal line of credit to keep your checking balance above zero and avoid costly overdraft charges. Stop in or call one of our customer service representatives or any loan officer to learn more.

Safe Deposit Boxes
We have several different sizes available to meet your needs.  Boxes are available at each of our branches.

Wire Transfers

Money Orders / Cashiers Checks
You may purchase money orders for up to $500.00 and cashiers checks for any amount. A small fee is charged. We do not charge any fee to our Non-Profit Organization customers.

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