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About Us - Upper Peninsula State Bank

Upper Peninsula State Bank was formed in 1902 for the purpose of providing banking services to the citizens of Delta and surrounding counties. From humble beginnings, our founders and their successors built one of the finest financial institutions in the Upper Peninsula. We have always played an important role in the growth and development of the communities we serve. For over 100 years we have made loans to start or expand local businesses. We have provided mortgages to thousands of people to build and buy homes. Most importantly, we have afforded our customers a safe and secure place to save and plan for the future. In today's world, our mission remains absolutely the same. We are committed to helping you manage your finances by meeting current needs, while keeping a watchful eye toward the future.


The mission of Upper Peninsula State Bank is to be dedicated to delivering the best in the financial services industry for the financial well being of our customers, shareholders, employees and our communities.

Our values are many and provide the foundation upon which our mission will be accomplished.

In all dealings, Upper Peninsula State Bank's reputation for honesty and integrity will be our first and foremost consideration.

We value and place our customers' interests first.

We have an enduring reputation and ongoing interest in building economically healthy communities.

We value our heritage.

We value the fact that we are a true community bank.

We value our employees.

Not least, we believe in creating value for our shareholders.